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Who we are?

We are a group of artists and NFT enthusiasts who decided to create a project in order to build a strong community that can enjoy the benefits of an NFT with real value and the best art in any space with the utility that it provides.

Blockchain Buds is a project by artist and studio owner, Chris Johnson, who's been in the comicbook industry for over 12 years. We are a full-service art and music studio that focuses primarily on comicbooks with lofi background music.

Chris saw the potential of his team of 60+ artists to make not only his NFT project, but he's setting up Blockchain Buds to become the go-to guys for PFPs, thus creating infinite value for BBDAO holders. In March 2022, we decided it would be a great business idea to bring our high-end and trustworthy digital art company into the Web3 space to deliver astonishing pieces of art at competitive prices. And with that, Blockchain Buds was born.



We enact NFTs Comic creation as the new powerful tool to expand and improve the Lore experience of NFT proyects inside the blockchain 

Additionally, holders of a Blockchain Bud are granted commercial licensing rights to their Buds, meaning they can sell them on shirts, mugs, and other merchandise, or put them in their own artistic endeavors.We will also implement a program where holders will receive access to print-ready files for our entire catalog (aside from DAO projects) of comics IP and the contact information to their most local print shop. By getting the book(s) at cost, you are free to order one for personal use, a few for friends, or if you’re an entrepreneur, there is unlimited earning potential to sell comicbooks and make money in the industry. At any level.

Once an artist is skilled enough to catch a client’s interest, we facilitate a commission. So free tutorials and being a part of our network can make you a professional artist in the comics industry, working under Blockchain Buds, your art partners! 


Chris Johnson


Founder of Blockchain Buds, an entrepreneur born and raised in Texas, USA. He has been in the comics industry for over 12 years now and works with his decades-long friends as well as new friends who work for top industry companies like Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, Dark Horse, and Boom Comics.

Together after meeting new friends with companies in the Web3 space, they realized that blockchain technology and NFTs were a great way to adapt comic art to the new technologies that have created a market with a high demand for NFT art. Chris believes his friends' quality is bankable, and so he's banking on them to revolutionize the NFT space.



Our vision is to create an international DAO that not only revolutionizes the way art is procured and produced in the web3 space, but also pays artists and investors every time a client chooses us for an art piece, a comic, or a piece of music.We feel that if the Blockchain Buds community is a place where amatuer artists can have a good time, free of bad vibes, and learn from professional artists, we will be able to further our vision in an organic and positive way. Even post mint once tutorial channels close to non-holders, we will be in general chat giving pointers and answering questions and such. Blockchain Buds’ community is an environment free of bots, where artists of all skill levels and art fans of any discipline meet, share their art, and learn from each other. 

The Logistics

We have a ton of tips and tricks for anyone looking to mint our NFTs for free, and know from experience that anyone can have an artistic career if they work at it, so we decided to organize our business into three simple branches. 

Working With the Best Clients and Partners in Any Space

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