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We’re doing a degen mint before our 1,555 Blockchain Buds go on sale for 2.5 SOL Budlist and 3 SOL Public, but we don’t really know the details yet. Degen stuff. However, each of the 1,555 Blockchain Buds grants its holder continued access to our art and music tutorials, alpha calls, and our mint/snipe bots post mint when channels close to non-holders. We will continue to have giveaways, games, and other things implemented for non-holders and future holders, mainly because we do want to be inclusive and we will have more collections come later. After all, we are artists; one collection would never have been enough, anyway. 


Additionally, holding three (3) Buds in your wallet grants auto-access to BBDAO. BBDAO members receive holder rewards from client work. This includes comicbooks, banners for twitter/discord, and other art, distributed directly to each wallet holding at least three (3) Blockchain Buds. Additionally, all BBDAO members receive rewards from mints of various sister collections, including degen mints. 


We feel the success of the degen mint will be a good gauge of how in demand our art is in the space. Julian Broadus of Voxel X recently exclaimed, “Oh wow!” and “These artists are going crazy out here!” after seeing one of our art pieces on a recent Twitter Space*, and our clients are extremely happy with our current work, so we have the highest confidence in what we can deliver to the blockchain.  


The exact worth of each BBDAO share will be determined post mint, and while our hope is to have around 400-500 unique holders so everyone can have at least three Buds, we realize the likelihood of that happening is small and that we will most likely have a small DAO with its members reaping larger rewards. Those members with more than three Blockchain Buds will earn more rewards at a higher rate. 

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Our Gen 0 will consist of a collection of 555 pfps at a mint price of 0.2 SOL for our early supporters. Also the holders of these nfts will start receiving 50% of the profits that the art studio generates during a period of 15 days (this can change depending on what is more convenient for the community). 

The funds raised with that Gen 0 collection will be used to promote the Gen 1 collection. It will be used to enlarge the team, development, promote marketing campaigns, and whatever is necessary to develop a strong project foundation. 



Chris Johnson

Founder and Art y Comics Studio Owner with+12 Years experience and +60 professional artists.


Ashgnem Val

Lead Marketer with over 3 years experience on building brands, E-commerce, Advertising and strategic planing.



Describe your service here. What makes it great? Use short catchy text to tell people what you offer, and the benefits they will receive. A great description gets readers in the mood, and makes them more likely to go ahead and book.


Helping Amateur Talent

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Comics Editor/Manager

The job of a traditional freelance comic book editor can be really extensive, and you're basically a project manager that is responsible for story consultation, line edits, continuity, managing deadlines, getting files together, and keeping the team moving forward.


2D Artists

2D artists of any style can join our discord server and interact with our team of working artists (when we're not too busy we like to chat in general, but it's been busy recently) and get in-depth, behind-the-scenes information on how to land clients, big or small. 

Additionally, artists can join our tutorial program and receive tutelage under our art teams. Once a client likes their work enough to hire, artists are commissioned through Blockchain Buds directly. 



Our server has alpha callers as well as mint and snipe bots for increased earnings pre-mint. 

We believe a company should prove itself worthy of investor funds, so we wanted to provide an unlimited amount of value to all our buds (Discord server members) before releasing our 1,555 Blockchain Buds for purchase. 

With little to no luck at all, people will be able to mint our NFT with funds gained in our server.

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