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How Can I Invest in Your Startup?

We have our first collection coming soon, but by investing in our partners whose work is currently available, you are investing in us. 

Our Big Tike NFT and our Blockchain Buds Gen 0 collections will be the first products we release. 

Big Tike NFT boasts a 50% art studio rev share for the first two weeks after mint, and Blockchain Buds Gen 0 will deliver a more sustainable passive income  percentage for life. 

How Do You Generate Income and How Will You Share it? 

Our crypto comic art studio generates funds through creating art and through lore development for top tier clients at all levels.


We have spoken with a Panamanian law firm and will retain them post mint to ensure everything we share at that time will be legal.


We've been around making art since 2010, so we wanted to make sure that both our company and our NFT project will be around for another 12 years, at the least. 

How Can I Mint Your Project Freely? Is There a Way? 

We will launch our free and degen mints soon, but the smart thing to do (nfa, dyor dyor) is to join our Discord server and pay close attention to our Alpha channels. 

With a few medium-to-good calls, someone can easily make enough gains to mint our inexpensive NFT projects, like Big Tike NFT, Kaiju Syndicate NFT, and every Blockchain Buds generation we create. 

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