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In our first week...

In our first week, we’ve retained a Panamanian law firm (for legal passive income NFTs!), onboarded three new clients and two huge partners, and absorbed another Solana project. We’re making the smartest moves we can, and we’re set to more than deliver on every one of our promises!

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In our second week...

We were able to secure more partnerships, and complete and receive payment for previous client work. We finished assignments from Night Owl Syndicate, Genesis II comics, Battlefly NFT, as well as beginning work on work for new clients, Kram710's Degen Society, Mduz's alpha calls groups MeDAOsa, and Salty Sharks! 


In the recent weeks...

We are steadily building our sustainable foundation with a Sovana partership, meaning commissions will begin coming from members of the Sovana community! We're excited to help you guys with all your artistic needs! 

Also, we are running a giveaway for OG roles in the discord server once we reach 1000 Twitter followers in a few days! 

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