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HoodyGang Mint 12/23

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Blockchain Buds is a full-service art and music studio that focuses on comic books with lo-fi background music. The project was initiated by Block, an artist and studio owner with over 13 years of experience in the comic book industry.

He gathered a team of skilled and talented artists, realized and started developing the potential of Blockchain Buds to become a one-stop-shop for PFPs, comic books, and animation, creating infinite value for art collectors.

The first mint, HoodyGang, is a fully customizable collection and is minting on December 12th. 

We use NFTs and comic creation to enhance the NFT project experience on the blockchain. Blockchain Bud holders have commercial licensing rights and can sell them on merchandise, access print-ready files for the entire comic catalog, and even commission artwork as part of our network.




The founder of Blockchain Buds is an entrepreneur from Texas with over 13 years of experience in the comics industry working with old and new friends.


Together, they saw the potential for blockchain technology and NFTs to adapt comic art to new technologies and create high demand for NFT art and bring back demands to comics as well.



We want to create an international group of people that not only revolutionizes the way art is procured and produced in the web3 space, but also pays artists and investors every time a client chooses us for an art piece, a comic, or a piece of music.


We feel that if the Blockchain Buds community is a place where amateur artists can have a good time, free of bad vibes, and learn from professional artists, where all will be able to further our vision in an organic and positive way. 


We have a ton of tips and tricks for anyone looking to mint our NFTs for free, and know from experience that anyone can have an artistic career if they work at it, so we decided to organize our business into three simple branches. 

Comic books, banners and PFPs

Our primary income generator is our artwork. We produce monthly comicbooks for NFT projects, as well as banners for Twitter and Discord. We even partner with projects to create their PFPs. 

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Working with the best clients and partners in the space

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