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All Going to Plan...

HoodyGang NFT MINTING 12/12! 

Stay tuned for more info on what's coming next. 
Contact Us at the bottom of this page and let us know what traits you want us to add to the trait store. LFG

Main Hustle: Comics

We've been creating comicbooks since 2010, and we still get excited about working on new material. With our move to Web3, we've finally found home, a place where we are able to build relationships with partner projects such as Soltools, Gorilla Mansion, Iconic Ape Club, and Sovana, as well as comicbook clients like Vending Machines NFT, Battlefly NFT, Voodoo Labz, Yoomoota NFT, Salty Sharks Uprising NFT, NFT Gurus, Udder Chaos, and QuickToolsPRO.

Parallel Lines

New Hustle: PFPs

At our new home we’ve found a huge demand for profile pictures (or PFPs – “pfps”), so naturally, we wanted to fill the void. We have currently partnered with QuickToolsPRO to create their PFPs. Pascal made us part of the team! We also partnered with Degen Society and MeDAOsa to create their PFPs, as well as being in talks with Piece of Art NFT to do the same for them. 

The Future...

In the coming months and through the end of 2022, Blockchain Buds will continue to grow as the brand projects trust to create their art collection. 

We will continue onboarding comicbook clients as the lifeblood of the studio, and we will launch art and music based innovative NFT collections to raise funds and build community. 

The multiple collections featuring various characters and stories will all be housed under our Blockchain Buds umbrella, thus creating a growing community non-specific to any chain. 

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Thank you!


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